I just left a voice message for a coach colleague and closed the voice message with, “I love you.” As I moved to the next task on my list,  I felt a full-body heart glow and took a moment to savor the feeling.

In that moment, a realization dawned: During a conversation with another colleague last week, we closed the call with the same words.

I love you.

Shared spontaneously. Freely. Authentically.

My heart expands as I sit with this realization: I am in a profession in which this way of connecting and expressing is simply a part of how we interact.

It is not mechanical or pro forma. Rather, this way of loving connection –  and acknowledgment of that love – is simply one shining thread woven through the fabric of relationship.

And this struck me: Never before in my life have I been in a profession where colleagues routinely say, “I love you,” to each other. And mean it from a consciously soulful place.

The awareness rocks me and questions cascade through my mind, tumbling like a mountain stream over boulders:

What does this mean? What does the simple act of a heart expression, freely exchanged, say about the exchangers? What does it reflect about the space within which we choose to interact?

What are we co-creating in this space, just from how we are Be-ing?

What is now possible with and for our clients as we choose to live more and more from this space?

What does this say about the coaching profession, where it is headed, what it calls forth from us as coaches?

Perhaps it is simply this: In a tine of such chaotic change on the planet and in so many lives, love can be an abiding anchor, helping us to stabilize from within the turbulence – in contrast to fighting to get out of the turbulence.

We learn to embrace and move intentionally with rather than push reflexively against what is.

As you read these words, what comes up for you? How does this impact you?

I’d love to hear, so please share below.

And if this call to love stirs something deep within, something that prompts you to unleash  the reservoir of love deep within you, you may want to be part of my next Coaching With Love Program. Let me know if you want to explore this further. lynallen@ritternet.com

With love,