Welcome to the “You’re Only Human” Club. This is the place where we dare to acknowledge we have those soft, wobbly places inside that get jostled and activated by life around us. By the challenges we face. And yes, even by our clients.

It happens for me and if you are still walking around on the planet, I’m betting it happens for you, too.

 We get our “Jello™” jiggled.

Here’s the funny thing about this: The human tendency is to avoid any and all inner jiggling. And that often translates to avoidance or denial, showing up as distraction of some kind.

 How this shows up in coaching:

You become attached to having your client change.

At least, that’s what can happen when you are not aware that your Jello™ has been jiggled by something about your client.

When this occurs, the coaching is no longer based in your client’s agenda, but instead in your (covert) agenda to have the client change so those oh-so-annoying inner wobbles will go away.

Been there? Me, too.

So what to do about this?

 First, learn to recognize when your Jello™ gets jiggled, in coaching and in all areas of your life. Use this awareness to access conscious choice in how you respond to your own inner wobbles.

Next: Accept this as part of the package called Being Human. If you can embrace this aspect of your humanity when it shows up, you’ll be able to use it as a prompting for your own ongoing self discovery.

Also, learn to work with conscious intention so you can make the most of your wobbles when they show up. And by that, I mean find all the gold you can from within a conscious, accepting relationship with your wobbles, there IS gold there to access. And when you can put your hands (and head) around that, it will benefit you and your clients in unexpected ways. (Translation: Added value in your coaching.)

If this topic is speaking to you, there are a couple of additional places to get more:

1) Be sure you access the audio for the March, 2014, Heart and Soul call for more on what it means to have your Jello(TM) jiggled and what to do when it happens.

If you are a member of the H&S community, you already have the direct link (emailed to you on April 11, 2014).

If you are not yet a member of the community, be sure to join here and hear the recording while it is still available.

 2) If the notion of conscious intention appeals to you, you may want to join the next Nine Days to Peace virtual retreat.

In the meantime, may you live peacefully and productively with all your inner wobbles!



PS: Like this topic? Let me know. And – please share other topics that would be useful to you in your journey as a coach.