The notion that humans don’t fully understand intimacy is not new. What IS changing is how this lack of understanding impacts us in the world of business. No longer an influence primarily in the bedroom, intimacy is a major influence in the boardroom and the bottom line.

Success today requires a willingness to operate from an updated, expanded understanding of intimacy.

Here’s what I mean:

Historically, humans have adopted certain patterns, strategies, beliefs and stories win order to cope, to feel effective and attain success. These patterns and strategies have often included conforming to what was required for success, which meant disregarding certain aspects of Self.

This approach is no longer working. The old coping mechanisms used to climb the ladder and be successful are not getting us where we want to go – because, realize it or not, where we want to go has changed. Who we want to be has changed.

Wondering if this is operating in your world?

This shift can show up for you in many ways including;

  • Relationships that are rocky instead of rocking along as usual.
  •  A  slowly withering business with an evaporating client base.
  •  The failure of the “tried and true” strategies to produce stability and security

And if you, coach, with all of your awareness are experiencing this, can you imagine what your market is feeling right now?

Reeling. Confused. Overwhelmed. Perhaps scrambling to regain a sense of solidity and stability, while feeling weary and wanting to get off this ride.

 It helps if you can remember these are just the symptoms of a collective call to new ways of being present with ourselves and each other, a new intimacy. This new intimacy requires a willingness to include all of who you are at a far more consciously interactive level than ever before. At the same time, it also requires a willingness to let go of the need to control.

Sounds paradoxical: Amp up your self knowing to new dimensions of awareness and at the same time let go of the need to know what is coming as a way to feel prepared and in control.

When you can walk this new balance between awareness and not knowing, the payoff is immense: The new intimacy allows you, coach, to offer a deeper richer quality of presence to your clients. This quality of presence (or way of being) catches nuances, harnesses intuition and elevates the trust and connection between coach and client to something truly transformative.

Sound inviting? Well stay tuned; more to follow in upcoming posts.

In the meantime, if you’d like a framework/support for stepping  into this expansion of intimacy so you can bring it to your work (and your bottom line!), my Coaching With Love program may be for you.