It’s fascinating to me that the Soul-deep calling to coaching can co-exist with chronic challenges in finding “success” in a coaching business.

So I’ve been observing. And here is what I’ve noticed: Three primary patterns that can keep you from being successful doing what you love.

1)   Coaches’ Success Challenge #1: Confidence

On some level – either consciously or sub-consciously –  you question your ability to coach. You may be more concerned with getting it right than with being fully present to your clients. Until you can feel comfortable in your skin as a coach, this can hold you back.


2)   Coaches’ Success Challenges #2: Vulnerability

Because coaching can be SO close to your heart, there can be a huge tenderness around putting yourself fully out there as a coach. I’ve seen this show up with people who have been highly successful in other careers, including sales and marketing.


3)   Coaches’ Success Challenge #3: Bandwidth

For many of you, the truth is: You aren’t available to your business. You have other commitments and interests. Your creative energy is plugged in elsewhere and simply not present to engage in building or sustaining a viable revenue stream. The question is: Is this conscious or unconscious? Are you plugged in where you want to be and where it serves you best? Are you using other commitments to hide from yourself, your business, or your dreams?


Notice how the 3 areas interact. If you lack confidence and feel vulnerable, one really effective way to manage and avoid the related feelings is to be busy elsewhere. Sourcing a sense of accomplishment and purpose in other parts of your life can help mitigate the feelings of self doubt and frustration over a non-thriving business.

If you are operating from self-protection in response to an underlying vulnerability, busy-ness can help you keep that vulnerability at arm’s length.

Do you see yourself in any of this? Watch this space for a companion article on what to do when any of these show up for you.

In the meantime, be sure you surround yourself with inspiration and encouragement to sustain your forward momentum. One option: Join me on the free monthly community call, The Heart and Soul of Coaching. The April 17th conversation is on The Power of Vulnerability, which may be meaningful for you if you resonate with this article!

In celebration of the unfolding adventure!




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